Session 03

Hi all,

Chad here.  As we kick off session three for 2011 I just wanted to say thanks for all the students who’ve studied with us.  Also I’d like to thank the “Friends of the Dojo” that are contributing really excellent stuff.  Jason Parks rocked the power python course and it’s now free to all.  This is the absolute highest quality information you’ll find on Maya and Python.  Check it in the archive.  There’s a huge host of other great content in the archive as well.  It’s all free and outstanding.

For alumni, we have the week long Danger Room training.  It’s a blast. Bird and Facial rigging have been covered so far, and our next one will be amazing.  Like nothing you’ve ever seen. More on that later.

Session Three is a go.  Registration is now open and closes on June 15th.  As always returning students get priority and space is limited.

Register here.

As for the founders, well, we’ve been busy.

Josh has been busy and he thought he saw a putty tat recently. Brad has been reviewing the latest from Autodesk and up to other nefarious tasks. I’ve been working on a couple video games, lecturing here and there and helping advise on some curriculum.

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