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Rigging Dojo Live : Power Python for Maya (Plus) by Jason Parks

Learn some of the key features that Python and PyMEL have to offer as well as how some professional Integrated Development Environments can change the way you write tools and increase the production speed of all your art pipelines.

Rigging Dojo Live : Modular Character System (MCS) under the hood with Jan Berger

Get a peek under the hood of this much anticipated rigging system for Autodesk Maya and learn what makes it such a super cool rigging solution.

Rigging Dojo presents: Anatomy for rigging and modeling with Jeff Hesser

Improve your work and understanding of joint movement in the Human Body. A must see if you’re a TD, Animator or Modeler.
Part 1

Part 2

Rigging Dojo Live: Inside The Setup Machine 2 with Raf Anzovin

Raf Anzovin, creator of The Setup Machine 2 for Maya, shares some of the design philosophy and rigging tricks that went into the popular auto-rigging package and some useful ways to modify it-recorded from a live webcast.


4 replies on “Broadcast Archive”

Thanks Josh, Brad, Raf, and the rest of you guys, for sharing this.
I’ve been curious about the setup machine. I’m excited to check out this video feed.
Any chance we’ll get a run down of “The Face Machine” at some point? 🙂

Again, many thanks…

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