Rigging Dojo presents: Power Python for Maya (Plus) by Jason Parks

Update: The video replay of this live event is now avalible in the Broadcast Archive.

If you missed out on seeing Jason Parks present his Python GDC class like we did, you will not want to miss this. He will be taking questions and has updated some content just for us (so even if you did see the GDC class, it will be something new).

Join us Tuesday April 12th, 2011 @ 9:00 PM CST
as Rigging Dojo presents: Power Python for Maya (Plus) by Jason Parks

Watch it live on our Rigging Dojo Live page.

Python is the language of choice for nearly all Digital Content Creation apps today. With the additions that PyMEL now add to Maya, Autodesk has revolutionized the Tech-Artist’s ability to quickly write tools to speed up and optimize all production workflows. Come learn some of the key features that Python and PyMEL have to offer as well as how some professional Integrated Development Environments can change the way you write tools and increase the production speed of all your art pipelines.

See you there!
Josh, Brad, Chad

About Jason Parks:


Jason is currently a Senior Technical Artist and has worked on character rigging, tool creation, scripting, pipeline definition and maintenance.

“I remember seeing Jason on a videotape talking about MotionBuilder and its use at Sony and thought, I would love to get to talk with him as he seems to have all the answers. I got my wish a few years later when I met Jason in person in Montreal to talk about the then-unannounced MotionBuilder project at Kaydara and proceeded to geek out about tech art and rigging until we were forced to stop when we had to switch flights for home.  I have the greatest respect for Jason and I am glad that we  can still find ways to work together even if it is not at the same studio.”  Brad Clark-Rigging Dojo.

“I first met Jason on my interview at SCEA in April of 2001.  They were looking for someone with a blend of keyframe aesthetics and strong technical know how.  Jason was a good boss and a great collaborator.  For almost seven years we worked together designing and building pipelines.  He was instrumental to the success of the San Diego motion capture and cinematics department.  He could see industry trends developing before anyone else and there were many times where I said ‘holy @*&#, how’d you do that’.  It was a pleasure working with him.” Chad Moore-Rigging Dojo/Turbine

For more about Jason check out his interview on Tech-Artists.org

And see what he has to say from GDC 2011

Lastly if you are looking to dig in to Python in MotionBuilder then his Autodesk Masterclass : Python Scripting for MotionBuilder Artists is a great asset to have.


The Modular Character System is an advanced animation and rigging solution for Autodesk Maya.
In this live event, Jan from Suntoucher labs will give us a look under the hood at the techniques that were used in making the MCS.
We will find out how it differs from other rigging solutions, how to rig and animate using the Modular Character System and some non-conventional uses for the MCS.

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  1. I owe a significant chunk of my career to Jason and his Python Scripting for MotionBuilder Artists class. This man is one of the best in the discipline, listen and learn!

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