Open MotionBuilder Rigging Tools

Sergey created two new videos covering the use of his extensive set of MOPLUGS, his MotionBuilder tools, scripts and plugins. He is one of the few if not the only Developer to create a set of opensource tools for MotionBuilder and has been an incredible resource for us at Rigging Dojo.

Author of ideas and supervising by Cam Christiansen (Anlanda Studio)

Developed by Sergey Solokhin (Neill3d)

Check out Part 1 and 2 and explore the code and tools, a must have for someone working with MotionBuilder.

Table of contents:

In the live session I would like to give more details about open source extension projects for Autodesk MotionBuilder
OpenMoBu –
MoPlugs –

Openmobu repository page –
Spring relation box –
Ray intersection relation box –
Pose Reader relation box –
Sphere coords relation box –
RBF relation box –
Attachment contraint –
Blendshape Toolkit and Sculpt Brush –
Comand line rendering and Render Layers –
CleanUp Tool –
Aim Sprite Constraint (Billboard) –
Camera RIG Tool –
Additive Animation Tool –
Restructuring Tool –
Post Processing (OpenMobu) –
Super Dynamic Lighting Shader –

Table of contents Renamer Tool –
Camera Link Vis Tool –
Geometry caching –
Color Renderer –
MoPlugs Renderer and Logarithmic Depth –
Dynamic Masks –
Projective Mapping Shader –
Composition Tree –
Extended rendering (camera and cubemap) –
Light Visor Tool –
Ball Toss Tool –
Car Wheel Tool –
MoPlugs User Guide –
GPU Particles –

Table of Contents
– Configuration application
– Sprite sheet solver
– Calculate Normals Solver
– IBL/Skin Shader, Eye Shader
– Column Play Constraint

Table of contents:
– Blendshape Toolkit, mesh operations (snapshot, combine meshes, calculate delta morph target)
– GPU Particles Terrain collision

Free MotionBuilder tips from Rigging Dojo:

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