Happy 2015

Happy New Year everyone,

We are back after taking a long overdue, real life holiday vacation with lots of catching up on personal things and very little thought about work.

We are ready to get back to work on lots of projects, both public and behind the scenes. Sorry for the vagueness lack of details, more soon, but just know we are looking forward to a great year of working on improvements and updates to both free and paid training, continuing our new courses with Marco and Ramahan and bringing in more great artists for our A.I.R subscribers.

Registrations have been very active for the 2015 course schedule and we have a great group of studio clients that are keeping us busy with training, rigging and consulting.

Also we hope you have been enjoying our regular updates over on Facebook and Twitter with #MathMonday and our #ThrowBackThursday past interviews and posts.

Josh, Brad and Chad

Rigging Dojo



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