Spring Break Madness – 30% off our special Rigging workshop

It is March and maybe it is spring break fever or the excitement of GDC or a little luck of the Irish but we are offering a 30% rebate for this course. One time only.

Pay before 11:00 central March 8th and we will rebate you 30% off normal price of 589.00

Apply now! Pick cartoon rigging for production – Keith Lango short film

The Mentor for this course will be the fantastic Jeff Brodsky

Course start: March 17th

8 week course with possible extra time for animation rig testing with Keith and fixes and feedback
For this course, a basic level of Maya experience is required while more advanced techniques will be taught.
This is a production course brought to you by a partnership between Rigging Dojo and Anomalia, to create a rig that can be used by Keith Lango for the short film.

Jeff is going to provide a framework and guidance and will often build or show an example of what needs to be done and each student will work on their own rig.

The students rig that is picked by Keith to animate in the short will get posted on our blog, credit on the short film.
If you want to understand Keith and how he is going to teach his workshop check out this video.

To see our student work from our last workshop check out our blog post
The goal of the Rigging Dojo course will be creating “elegant and effective” rigs to Keith’s standards. Focusing on efficient rigging and staying on budget will be important topics as will learning to not over complicate a rig for the animators.

Students will need to track and breakdown their time for their own understanding of how long it takes to complete a task. A better understanding of these metrics will help the student budget time and charge appropriately when freelancing.

Some thoughts from Keith Lango on the rig requirements:

“My many years in production have taught me that the real challenge in the world is keeping the simple things simple. Too often animators have struggled with rigs that were made over-complicated – either out of a sense of rigger boredom or because the riggers were too busy impressing each other with how clever they could be.

Any designer worth their salt will tell you that it takes a LOT of work to make something look simple and elegant.”

Character type: Toon creatures

“The toon line treatment is just temporary for now until I build the multiple animated lines system for him, but this is the general vibe I’m going for. A giant gorilla crab thing. This character will be 10–20x larger than our main character. And just like the main character this is intended to be very simple (and thus affordable), but still on style and intimidating & cool. I’m playing around with the idea of leaving it without a mouth – something about that makes it more frightening to me.”


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