Stump Rigging Dojo at Industry Giants 2013


Can you stump Rigging Dojo? Josh and Brad are teaching two masterclasses in Dallas and in an act of madness mixed with performance art have challenged the audience to try and stump us with tough rigging questions. Hope to see you there!


Josh Carey and the Rigging Dojo Crew

Snail rig for "Wildlife Crossing" short film from Anomalia.
Snail rig for “Wildlife Crossing” short film from Anomalia.

Senior Rigging Supervisor at Reel FX Creative Studios and Co-Founder of Rigging Dojo

Stump the TDs from Rigging Dojo”


Join the Rigging Dojo crew in a “Stump the TDs from Rigging Dojo” class centered around Rigging tips, tricks, and advanced topics.  Show up with questions, problems to solve, rigging issues that you have found difficult or unable to solve, and we will be doing live, on-the-fly discussions and examples on how to tackle those issues.  We will have examples and tips and tricks to show to start us off, but this class will be focused on audience participation, so come prepared! 

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