Simple request in support of our friend and mentor, Morgan Loomis

When we first started Rigging Dojo, we knew someday we would need to find mentors but weren’t really sure how yet when we got an email. Morgan Loomis had written us about what we were doing and he wanted to help. He was a great fit and had the same view on rigging and animation that we did. It didn’t take long for us to realize what a great person, animator and technical artist he was. He became on of our first Mentors and we are very thankful for his time and contributions to Rigging Dojo.  Recently he has been busy with his responsibilities at WETA and with his family but still finds time to help us out when we need it.

Sadly we learned last week that Morgans Father passed away unexpectedly, you can read his post here and about a request for donations to help Morgan and his family finish a house that his dad had been working on.

“He was still in the process of building his house when he died (and I think I will need to dedicate another post to that eclectic work of art in the future). My siblings and I are now the caretakers of this, but we can’t yet afford to finish it. My cousin set up a fund to help us out, should anyone care to contribute.”

The least we could do is share his story and send some good thoughts and words his way. If you can spare a small donation to help them finish the house it would be appreciated.

The great thing about being in a small community, even one that is distributed around the world is that we can support and take care of each other in ways that even 15 years ago wouldn’t have been possible. We will get back to sharing cool rigging stuff but we felt we needed pause and show support for Morgan, so thank you for letting us.

Josh, Brad and Chad


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