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Save the date:

June 25th at 9:30PM EST , Our June Artist In Residence meeting with Raf Anzovin. Hope to see you there! If you haven’t registered already, check riggingdojo.com/air/


Next up for our students and alumni, we have moved to a new host and upgraded our server big time. We are on new solid state drives, 100% carbon neutral and now fully monitored to eliminate as much downtime as possible.

 Rigging Dojo crew Feature Film Work:

Little something Josh and a few alumni and mentors have been working on in Dallas (and of course a huge group of other talented people at Reel FX)

First Trailer from the new Feature Film from Reel FX – Free Birds with Owen Wilson

Free Birds – Official Trailer (HD) Owen Wilson



The #Maya2014 ngSkinTools are out from @viktorasm (maybe thank him with a small donation) ngskintools.com/downloads #animtip #rigtip #autodesk

Need a gui character picker? Want it in Python and opensource? Then check out http://guillaume.barlier.com/index.php?post%2Fanim_picker

Morpheus rig 2.0 update:

Photo: Going out soon! :)

We go our shirt and we have been testing the rig. It is making great progress and should be amazing to animate with. Josh and the CG Monks team have been doing great work and with the latest update we reviewed today, has made huge progress, there is an entire tool chain being created along with the rig. When it is ready and released it is going to be a robust and flexible base to build some great character animation on.

3ds Max Book:

Co-founder Brad has been asked to be the technical editor for Stewart Jones (http://www.creatureattic.com/) next book on 3ds Max due out next year.

Lots more going on in the world of character rigging, animation, motion capture and education so make sure you keep track of us on Facebook and Twitter.


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