Rigging the Looney Tunes with Rigging Dojo Founder Josh Carey

Josh has a great interview up covering rigging for the great new Loony Tunes shorts done by Reel FX for Warner Brothers Animation, by the guys at AnimSchool (Check out their free rig when you get a chance).

Go read the interview for rig tip goodness.

AnimSchool Interview: Rigger and Rigging Dojo Founder Josh Carey

And watch the latest clip from the new short Daffy’s Rhapsody Sneak Peak – Journey 2 The Mysterious Island Short Movie (2012)


About Rigging Dojo

Rigging Dojo is an online training center providing personal customized training for character rigging and technical art.Teaching a wide range of topics in both Autodesk Maya and MotionBuilder and more.  Founded by Josh Carey, Brad Clark and Chad Moore.

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