2012 Registration Update

We have had lots of  emails  lately asking about when the next session will start and asking for more information on our courses and cost and when the classes are and if we can cover everything we list on our page in 6 weeks, etc.

  1. Session Dates for 2012- to be announced. Once we set the dates we will post them and if you filled out the per-registration form we will email you directly.
  2. What time are classes? – We don’t do “live” classes so there are no set times since our mentors and many students are all working full time in production and require flexible schedules.
  3. No! you can’t learn everything about rigging in 6 weeks. We list on our FAQ ideas and topics that can be covered but each one of those could easily take one full session  or a year depending on your level and ability.  Our sessions require a lot of effort and work from you, if you want lots of tutorials to watch then Digital Tutors is a cheap option for you.
  4.  Most of this is covered in our FAQ. If you have contacted us and the answer to your question is in the FAQ we will not email you back. A good technical artist is a master of finding information and being self sufficient, reading and understanding our FAQ is a per-requisite:)

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