How does this work? A short explanation of student driven training

I posted this for our new students on our Online Learning Center and I figured it would be good to share here as well.

I have talked about it a bit before but I wanted to give you a few tips to get the most out of your time here.

  1. Ask Questions! related to your learning topics-there is no training with out this.
  2. This is not “the other guys” training- so your course builds slowly and speeds up as we go. Trust your mentor to guide you and we trust that you will work hard with us.
  3. If you feel your work is [to easy,to hard,you need more time, you hate the word “moose” etc.] Talk with your mentor about it and offer an idea, we are flexible with in reason.
  4. SAMPLES-SAMPLES-SAMPLES- While you wait for your course to start prepare an example of work for us to critique or help you with.  These are private courses so you can upload files for us that will remain private (as long as you set access levels correctly) between you and your mentor.

Simple really, work with us like you would a co-worker or lead artist and we will, based on your learning requests, work with you to achieve those goals.

Many, if not all of the students here have done all the other types of training (books, dvd,workshops) and came here because all those methods lack interaction with a live working TD.

Everyone, students and mentors, have diffrent work experience and backgrounds and we are all here to make each other better.


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