2011 Session Dates

We’re excited to announce our upcoming dates for 2011!

  • Session 01: January 31st to March 11th
  • Session 02: April 18 to May 27
  • Session 03: July 5 to Sat, August 13
  • Session 04: September 6 to October 15

Space is limited so pre register to hold your spot.
p.s. Happy Holidays,  our latest Rigging Dojo Live video : Modular Character System (MCS) under the hood with Jan Berger is now up and ready for watching or download.

2 Replies to “2011 Session Dates”

  1. Hi guys, I want to sign up for Session 01 from January 31st to March 11th. I talked to Brad some weeks ago, he told me that you open up for session soon. I am so exited to start learn rigging from you guys. Happy holidays to you all, talk soon!

    Best, Kai

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