Mentor Led Courses

Online flexible group training.

Gather with like-minded peers to learn alongside in our 101 training courses led by our industry professional mentors.

Rigging Dojo courses give you a proper foundation in technique and more importantly the WHY of what you are learning so you can keep improving well after the class ends.

We focus on what is missing in many students and even working professionals work examples, with weekly lessons while your mentor answers your questions, gives you feedback and helps grow your skills.

Community networking  and support: Having a support network is important. With the job market in both Games and VFX being turbulent we want to help you build a good network of other TDs at the same level as you.

Having a group of people you can work, learn and share with is very important no matter your experience level and is a core part of our 101 courses with lifetime course access and community lounge for all 700+ members of our learning community.

Note: Quarterly start dates are based on class size, once the class fill up we will email you with the start date.

Apply now! space is limited.

Our current 101 level classes offered are

  • Character rigging
  • Face rigging
  • Maya C++ API (great for python pros looking to level up)

Prerequisites for class. *Dedication, hard work, detailed questions and positive attitude required.

1-on-1 Private Training Apprenticeship qualifications:

If you don’t yet qualify for apprenticeship training, upon successful completion of a 101 course you are eligible to apply for our advanced Apprenticeship training.

All students regardless of what training is chosen, get to keep access to their course so they can review notes and training materials as well as have access to our campus lounge discussion forum full of great discussions and rigging tips and tricks and job board.