Rigging Dojo Apprenticeship personalized, private, 1-on-1 training sessions and Advanced special training projects.

Team up with an industry professional mentor that will work directly with you throughout each week. What you learn is based directly on your goals from your application. Our mentors use on critiques, assignments emulating production tasks to tailor the curriculum to push your skills to the next level. In return we expect you to be open and willing to being guided by your mentor.

The relationship provided in the session is akin to the relationship of a rigger/TD and their Lead in production. This is by design, as it is a very strong way to teach proven solutions to creative and technical problems as well as allow innovation to take form.

Rigging Dojo was founded on ideals akin to this quote by Bruce Lee …

“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.”

Our Apprenticeship training methods have allowed many of our Alumni to switch careers, get their dream job and improve in ways they didn’t even know they needed. It isn’t easy and isn’t for everyone. However it is what often opens two doors; one to the biggest growth and improvement in your work. The other door allows the building of working relationships that go well beyond the length of a course.

Prerequisites: 1 year or industry experience or successful completion of our courses required.

Q: How does the Apprenticeship work?

A: During the registration process the student submits their detailed learning goals for that session with our registration form.

  • We review the registration and match you with a mentor with experience in those areas is assigned.
  • During your time with your Mentor, you will post work for critique ask questions and work hard.
  • The session is asynchronous with out  set times or live lectures to attend.  All our mentors are working professionals and availability during the week varies.
  • Emphasis is on setting expectations based on the goals and timeline of the class and assessment based on the students learning goals.
    • Our mentor uses his/her expertise to work with you on your goal with production needs in mind.  Therefore, goal can be adjusted by the mentor to better align with production requirements.

Bonuses: Upon successful completion of the Apprenticeship you receive 10% discount on future training and get to keep and download your private training feedback to review when every you like. You also have access to our campus lounge forum full of great discussions and rigging tips and tricks and job board.

Apply now! Subject to Mentor availability .

Our Apprenticeship program is currently $1,499 USD with a 10% discount for returning students.

Bonuses: Upon successful completion of the Apprenticeship you receive 10% discount on future training and other bonus content when available.