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What People Are Saying About Rigging Dojo


“I can say without a doubt that I would not have kept with everything had it not been for Brad, Chad and Josh.”
“Josh worked hard getting me the instruction and critiques that I needed to get all I could from the course.”
“They gave me some great info without dumbing it down or making me feel uneasy learning.
“Even though I’m a broke college student, it was definitely worth the money – especially when I think of the cost vs. amount learned and time saved.”
“I really like Rigging Dojo, I have learned some much in a short amount of time!”
“Chad was very gracious with sharing his knowledge, and was able to challenge me with a little bonus rigging concept that really blew my mind!”
“All the RD guys know their stuff, It’s worth the cost to go to someone with the experience, knowledge and ability to get you up and running quickly. “
“The Rigging Dojo is not a tutorial site, it is not a place to find answers to make a cheat sheet, it’s a place to challenge your ability as a TA/TD and get you to really think and solve problems.”

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*Dedication, hard work, detailed questions and positive attitude required.

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