Exclusive video about Rigging Dojo

Brad created an exclusive video just for Steven Roselles blog post over at Autodesk “The Area”.
Brad talks details about the school, the training and there is a sneak peak into the social learning network that students will use!

Click the link and check out the video, available only on the My Oh Maya! blog.

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And just a quick mention about the types of training you can receive from us.

  • Custom classes for character rigging and setup (for example skeletons, deformations, face rigging ).
  • MotionBuilder training both beginner and advanced.
  • Max and Maya transition cross training for artists that switch jobs or have to use both in production.

Thanks for watching and reading.

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Autodesk 3December Giveaway

UPDATE: A big thank you to all who participated , two winners were chosen, a grand prize winner and a runner up (details on Facebook and Twitter).
We also released a short video tech demo of our Rigging Review Tool for Maya.

Today on Twitter and Facebook we are doing a giveaway in celebration of 3December with Autodesk. We will we be posting prize details later today and also keep an eye out for a sneak peak at our Rigging Review Tool for Maya.

If  your in Austin and can get out to the local 3December meeting (register now), Brad and Josh will both be there and you will have one more chance at winning a prize from Rigging Dojo.

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Rigging Dojo goes LIVE!

Rigging is LIVE!

Rigging Dojo is currently conducting private invitation-only training.
Contact us if you would like to be added to the waiting list for the upcoming classes.
If you would like to know more you can subscribe to our RSS feed, follow us on Twitter or become a fan of us on Facebook for the latest news and updates leading up to the official launch.

Thank you,
The Rigging Dojo Team