Blender Rigging for Netflix Next Gen

Like many people, we took notice of the work for the new movie coming out from Netflix called “Next Gen” by  Today we talked with Rigging Lead David Hearn ( about rigging and about working with Blender on a large scale production. (We were also joined by friend and Blender master Charles Wardlaw )…

Stream MotionBuilder Animation to Unreal Engine with Live Link

Source: Stream MotionBuilder Animation to Unreal Engine with Live Link “The ability to retarget animation and blend clip changes while seeing the high-quality render in Unreal Engine improves the overall animation workflow and turnaround time,” says Addison Bath, Global Head of R&D at THE THIRD FLOOR.

Compiling C++ Plugins for Maya

  Get a taste for the basics of plugin compiling from Raf and The Cult Of Rig then check out our courses both the Maya C++ API 101 mentor led course and our more advanced 201 on demand plugin coding course.    

TechArtJam – Episode 3: Toon Shadey Wiggles and whatnot

Get right to the Microcast Episode 3 of our Microcast is up. Give us a listen, and send us an audio clip if you want to answer the question of the week! You can find the Microcast anywhere you find your Podcasts, or stream it right here: What’s new at Rigging Dojo Our interview with…

Intro To Photoshop Scripting now available

Source: Photoshop scripting Buy here :  Intro to Photoshop Scripting   Welcome to the Intro to Photoshop Scripting course by Greg Hendrix! Rigging Dojo is glad to host this course, we feel there is a lack of resources available for scripting in Photoshop. Greg’s course fills the gap, and fills it well. What you get…