techArtJam episode 002

techArtJam, Episode 2 is live. Stream it here: Or check it our in the iTune podcast section, as well as Overcast. Feedback appreciated!

Guest Post: Tech Animator Dump: Customizing Radical Heights – Part 1

Source: Tech Animator Dump: Customizing Radical Heights – Part 1 Randall Hess Customizing Radical Heights – Part 1 My work on Boss Key Productions most recent project, Radical Heights, focused a lot on character customization. In this post I’m going to discuss the process and creation of a customizable character for Radical Heights. Having previously…

Our Spring Newsletter is going to be huge

Hey everyone,   Keep an eye out for our Spring newsletter, it’s going to be full of offerings and info! Intro to Photoshop Scripting We’ll be launching an on demand course with over 3 hours of video content. It’s designed to get you up and running quickly with Photoshop scripting. Agile Development We’ll be asking for…

New rig from CG Monks

“This rigging system is what the Morpheus 2 tech has turned into and we’re excited to push it forward. When it’s a bit further along we’ll be re-rigging Morpheus 2’s base asset with it and release that as well.”