Rigging Dojo Summer 2015 Updates

Happy Earth Day, we hope you are able to get out and appreciate the area you are in. If you are in the United States you can check out this website to find volunteer a opportunity. Or do something simple like pick up some trash and clean up your immediate neighborhood and take a break from the computer…after you register of course 🙂

*note if you have a hotmail or outlook email address, you most likely will not receive emails from us or the registration. Please use another email host address like gmail in order to insure you get conformations.

Courses, get ready: May

1. Face Rigging Rigging 101 limited run:


Rigging mentor Daniel McCrummen, is back for another Face rigging course.
Check out his “Book of Life” work at ReelFX

May 4th: Apply now – approval required


2.  Production Sculpting for VFX

More information on the production-sculpting-vfx course


Production Sculpting FACS Facial Blendshapes for VFX- class starting May 4th. We are also really excited for the number of industry artists that are taking the course, even pros need time to practice and improve outside of production cycles.

Warning, there is high participation required and expectations of iteration on the work so you can get feedback and grow your skill set.
If you are looking to just learn modeling, please go check out some other class.

Hard limit of 10 students:
May 4th:
Apply now – approval required


3. Props Rigging Course with Jeff Brodsky


Stop struggling with creating seemingly complex environment and prop interactions with your characters and want a to see a fresh way to apply rigging concepts in new ways, this is a great course for you

May 10th: Apply now – approval required



Details soon but Anthony is back at ANOMALIA and we will be helping them rig and prep their characters for the program again

You can apply now and make sure you are on the list as we send out more information. We will be working with character rigging to take and work well with MotionCapture for their students to use during the summer project.

Cool stuff:

Quadruped rigging (squash and stretch) check out this amazing tiger move.

Rigging 101 students will find this familiar and applicable from our reference visualization assignments.

Rigging Demo reel tips: Continued

Last newsletter we talked about what to show in a reel. This time we have two more reels that show and tell really well the skill of the artist and not just rig feature fiddling.
First up is a student reel from Azadeh Iranban , she did some great work and showed it well.

Student Demo Reel 2015- Azadeh Iranban

Next is a mega appealing character model very clean rig from Walt Disney Animation Studios character modeler Sergi Caballer.
Check out his page for more information. http://www.sergicaballer.com/portfolio/troglodita/


We look at the humble Matrix but this time in the new Max Creation Graph 2016, like visual programing tools, similar to ICE in XSI but built just for max, sadly not as fast as ICE yet.

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