Ramahan Faulk New Mentor, New Course at Rigging Dojo

We are excited and happy to welcome and old friend, Ramahan Faulk, recently of Digital Domain, to Rigging Dojo as our new modeling Mentor! Ramahan will be teaching a course on professionally built topology for performance based deformations. A must-take course for modelers who need to build for animation as well as character TDs needing…

Everything you thought you knew about Maya Joint Orient is wrong!

A rig is the animators pencil, as such it has to allow the animator to get from pose A to B with out freaking out (aka wobbling) and should also be editable from the graph editor to create predictable results during the polish pass.

None of this is possible with out having first set up a clean skeleton with proper joint orients (how the joints aim) and Second controlling the order that Maya applies the EULER rotation animation to the transform node (rotation order).